We did not observe this behaviour...

That's good (I guess :))

The ZODB cache lives in RAM and is a Python object cache.
It is a per connection cache.

The ZEO client cache lives on disk and is a pickle cache (it
caches the object states not the objects themselves).
It is shared by all connections to a single storage (in one process).

How do these two relate to each other? Do I really need the disk cache? Can it be turned off? I don't have "client" set so that each process makes its own cache file. (When I set this I have problems if two processes us the same zope.conf file). Is there a doc somewhere explaining all of this??

My database has around 350k objects.  I have zodb_db cache-size set
to 200k

That is quite courageous...
Watch your RAM requirements closely!

Ok I backed off a bit don't want weekend calls.... Thanks for you input.


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