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> How do these two relate to each other?  Do I really need the disk
> cache?  Can it be turned off?  I don't have "client" set so that each
> process makes its own cache file.

I don't know if it can be turned off, but it would be foolish anyway if you
want any kind of reasonable performance.
The disk cache reduces the need to fetch data across the wire from the
ZEO server, which is generally MUCH slower than reading from the disk cache.

> (When I set this I have problems
> if two processes us the same zope.conf file).

Why do you want to use the same zope.conf, and how can that possibly work
anyway?  You can't run two servers on the same port!

Normally, people run a single zope process out of an instance home,
and each instance home has its own zope.conf.

> Is there a doc
> somewhere explaining all of this??

I think the comments in zope.conf are all the doc there is.

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