[Markus Kalb]
> i'm in search for some general information about ZODB, to help me compile
> a presentation about ZODB. With google if found a lot of information
> (maybe even to much) and so i thought i would ask you people if you could
> point me to some resources ? At the moment i only now ZODB the
> "Plone/Zope way" and would like to dive a little deeper into it. (that
> the reason why i asked to cover ZODB in the class in the university
> [www.fbi.fh-darmstadt.de]).

The ZODB Wiki is a good place to start:


Various pieces are out of date wrt some details in various ways, but these 3
links on that page can be very helpful (search for this text on that page,
then click on the hyperlinks):

    Andrew Kuchling's ZODB & ZEO introduction

    UML model for ZODB

    Jim presented a paper on ZODB at the 8th Python Conference: ...

You can also find slides there from ZODB presentations.

Good luck!

For more information about ZODB, see the ZODB Wiki:

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