[Dieter Maurer]
>>> You should file a bug report: "http://www.zope.org/Collectors/Zope";,
>>> category "database". This way, Tim can fix the hole in the
>>> "ConnectionStateError" check.

[Jim Fulton]
>> It's a mistake to rely on Tim alone to fix bugs.

> Maybe, it is a mistake but most ZODB bugs seem to get fixed by him ;-)

It's hard to know what Jim didn't say <wink>.

It's generally true that customer work takes priority over ZODB work for me.
That's always been true.  What's different today is that I'm booked on
customer work for months to come, and doubt I can keep giving ZODB even the
reduced level of attention I've given it this last week.

So, if it was a mistake to rely on me to fix ZODB bugs, I'm not really sure
_whose_ mistake it was -- but it's OK by me if everyone decides to call it
my mistake ;-)

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