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TP> I'm not familiar with "broken objects" in newer ZODBs, and didn't find any
TP> docs apart from the docstrings in broken.py.  Brief overviews of new
TP> features often appear in NEWS.txt, but the news for ZODB 3.3a3 just says
TP> "New broken object support.", so no luck there either.
  But  "New  broken  object  support."  is  not  supported  by  Zope, it uses in
  DBTab.ClassFactories.zopeClassFactory (removed in the trunk) and
  Zope2.App.ClassFactory.ClassFactory  the  old  `OFS.Uninstalled.Broken` broken
  implementation.  But  OFS.Uninstalled  module  doesn`t  know about ZODB.broken

  and  for  example  i  don`t  get  the  broken  object  state  in  simple way (
  unghostifing the broken object )

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