Dieter Maurer wrote:

Tarek Ziadé wrote at 2005-11-14 17:59 +0100:
I am trying to create my own mount point container type,

do I just have to base it on ZODBMountPoint.Mount.MountPoint,

"MountPoint" is not a "mount point container" but the actual mount point.
Yes but it is the root for content,
actually ZODBMount point fakes a Folder on creation time
and add the mount point on the path.
(see MountedObject.manage_addMounts)

In what way should your new "mount point container" be different
from (say) a 'Folder' containing "MountPoint"s?
The use case is to let the user define a mount point for a folderish portal tool.
I'd like to transparently make that portal tool mounted elsewhere without
having to move it in another path. (The portal tool has other APIS than a simple folder)

I'll just try out to code it, I think it should work.


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