Tim Peters wrote:

> Looks it got lost in the branches.  PersistentMapping.__iter__ was added in
> ZODB 3.4.2, just this August:
>    http://mail.zope.org/pipermail/zodb-checkins/2005-August/010225.html
>    Log message for revision 38076:
>    Gave PersistentMapping an __iter__ method.
>    Also gave it some tests (it was woefully untested).
>    ...

Tests... there are test suites for PersistentMapping both in
src/ZODB/tests/testPersistentMapping.py (which is the one that checkin
message talked about) and one in src/persistent/tests/test_mapping.py
(which I added when I found test_list.py, but no mapping tests in that
place). Now there are two test suites for persistent mapping, just as
there are for lists. In the case of lists it's even clearer than for
mappings that the duplication is unnecessary as the test code is more or
less the same. The tests in src/ZODB/tests were touched more recently than
those in src/persistent/tests according to svn, but IMO it's more obvious
to test lists and mappings close to where they are defined. What to do
about this?

> Looks like the 3.5 branch got overlooked.  Merging rev 38076 from 3.4 branch
> to 3.5 branch would be fine.

This yields a large conflict in 3.5's NEWS.txt. Should I just leave it
untouched and not modify old news?


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