Seb Bacon wrote at 2005-11-23 17:33 +0000:
> 2005-11-21T16:38:07 ERROR(200) ZODB Shouldn't load state for 0x4723d3
>when the connection is closed

A persistency bug.

  I know that (e.g.) PlacelessTranslationService
  can cause such exceptions. It caches a persistent object (the service)
  at module level and accesses it from all workers.
  However, a persistent object must only be accessed from a thread
  that has opened its ZODB connection and not by other threads.
  When this restriction is violated and the object has been deactivated,
  the exception occurs.

> 2005-11-21T16:46:14 ERROR(200) ZODB Close callback failed for
><ZODB.Mount.MountedConnectionCloser instance at 0xb498dc2c>
>...and then Zope died.

Usually a mounted connection is not closed at all -- unless the
corresponding root connection is deleted (note "deleted" not "closed").

Thus, maybe, Zope was already dying when the exception occured?

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