Am Freitag, den 25.11.2005, 13:46 +0000 schrieb Michael Kerrin:
>   I have being looking into using the ZODB Blobs. I really like the idea and 
> I 
> think it should help me in my current project which is just a big archive of 
> cataloged documents. But after going through the mailing list and looking in 
> TODO.txt there seems to be some unresolved problems.
>   I am just wondering about the the general status of this, what are the 
> major 
> problems in moving this forward, and what are the plans for this feature in 
> the future.

Chris McDonough and I haven't completed all bad edge cases yet. And we
don't have a complete reference implementation of using a Blob yet.

I personally was planning to spend the time after christmas to finish
the blobs.

They will definitely not be available in the december releases, but in
the june releases next year. Additionally there is a pycon in between,
where I'll be able to hack on them, if (and i hope so) I come to Texas.


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