Jim Fulton wrote:
Tim and I have discussed this for some time.  We think an
asynchronous I/O approach is still appropriate, to handle
asynchronous messages from servers to clients, but we need
to get away from expecting a server to provide the asyncore
main loop needed by ZEO. Rather, ZEO should provide its own
main loop running in a separate thread. (Or, possibly, each
client storage should have its own thread.) Among other things,
this would allow us to get rid of the horribly complex dual-mode
code we have now.

I think that's a good strategy.

(Note that we've had lots of frustration with asyncore.  It is
   tempting to get rid of that at the same time.  However, we still
   need an asynchronous I/O framework.  This would probably requite
   a switch to Twisted.  This might be worthwhile, but would almost
   certainly entail a lot of risk.  I'm not at all sure the benefit
   is worth it unless there were some able volunteers who wanted to
   work on it.)

Last I checked, Twisted could not support a private event loop. Twisted assumes there is only one event loop for all threads. I'd like to know if this has changed. The asyncore module can support a private event loop, although it's ugly--you have to pass the 'map' argument all over the place.

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