[Jeremy Hylton]
> A minor point, but it seems like it would make more sense for the
> storage to choose the id of the root object.  The database doesn't
> actually care what the root is, so long as the storage can return it.
> You could add a ROOT_OID class attribute to a storage to distinguish
> the value.
> As I said, a minor point.  If the database doesn't care about the
> details of oids, it seems to make more sense to have the storage be
> responsible for all aspects of oids.

The change would be OK by me, but would require actual work.  For example,
Connection.root() is currently:

    def root(self):
        """Return the database root object."""
        return self.get(z64)


    from ZODB.utils import ... z64 ...

and, in utils.py:

    z64 = '\0'*8

Do you have an up-to-date contributor agreement on file ;-)?

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