Tim Peters wrote:
[Dmitry Vasiliev]
Oops, my bad. I couldn't imagine that misspelled text could been used in
any doctests so I had omitted the testing phase because I was in some
hurry. :-( And unfortunately I was far from any computers for past few

Thanks for following up -- I was afraid you had vanished!

Not so fast... ;-)

Especially for newer code, the tests try to exercise error conditions as
well as normal and edge cases, and it's natural in doctests to include the
text of an exception message.  So, ya, there's really nothing you can change
outside of NEWS.txt anymore that doesn't require testing.

Sure, but my reasonable assumption was that when you insert an exception message in a doctest you reread it another one time and fix typos if any. I'll be more careful in the future about such assumptions.

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