[Sidnei da Silva]
> But, why only the 2.8 tests would fail then?

Hey, it's your machine, you figure it out ;-)  Note that test.py in 2.8 has
little in common with the test.py in 2.9 or Zope trunk, and they may very
well react in different ways to quirks in your environment.

> I'll try a 'make clean' before running the tests and see if it helps.

Probably not, but who knows.  If that doesn't help, add code to dump
sys.path and stare at it.  And/or add code to import ZODB and print
ZODB.__version__, to see which version you're really getting during the

Ah, since the fix for Collector 1873 required changing C code, I do expect
those tests would fail if you didn't recompile Zope 2.8 since the time the C
code changed.

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