Please note in case you answer that I am not a programmer and I could not get familiarized with zope's internals.

I would like to use a stand alone ZODB (w/o zope).
I would like to know how can I index and search objects.

The same question as in http://mail.zope.org/pipermail/zodb-dev/2005-December/009557.html

Extra questions:
=> I think ZCatalog (and FieldIndex, IntcrementalSearch2, etc) can be used only within the zope framework; if not, please, give me some example, how to use it in case of a stand alone ZODB.

=> IndexedCatalog seems to OK, but it is not active, so I would not build a project using it. Do you know some similar, but active alternatives?

If I can not use any of the above mention tools in standalone ZODB, I would like to implement a low level indexing/searching on filestorage files. Where can I find some internals about the basic (binary?) sturcture of the file storage files?

Thanks for your help in advance,

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