You can use MySQL and Zope without a running ZEO.  The relational 
database and the object-oriented database are independent.  Zope
can be configured to manage the ZODB directly or via ZEO.  

You can also use the relational database as the store for the
object-oriented database, replacing Data.fs.  There has been some
discussion of this on the web and in the archives, but I have no
experience with this approach.  I'm guessing that much of the discussion 
has been "proof of concept" and a relational store has not seen much 
use in production.  I am interested in the performance trade-offs, but 
have not had time to experiment; Florent's ORM mappers sounds very 

Which version of Python and which version of Zope are you using?  If you 
are having problems with a 2GB or greater Data.fs, check to be sure that 
your Python has been configured with large file support.  Remember that 
the Python Zope uses may be different from that used elsewhere in the 

On Tue, 3 Jan 2006, Florent Guillaume wrote:

> José Carlos Senciales wrote:
> > I´m wondering if i can use ZODB without files ´Data.fs´ and use a 
> > ralational database like Mysql to save the objects...
> > 
> > is this possible??
> > 
> > i´m reading about ZEO, but how can i use ZODB with MySQL and without use 
> > ZEO ??
> There's no simple way at the moment.
> However one of the big ongoing projects here at Nuxeo is to write a proper 
> ORM mapper at the ZODB level. I'll be blogging about this soon.
> > Actually i´m using Zope with ZODB but when my file "Data.fs" get around 
> > 2GB can not work properly.
> 2GB is not a problem, we've seen plenty of Data.fs with more than 10GB.
> Florent


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