Using the catalog stuff from Zope 3(!) would make more sense than dealing with the Zope 2 catalog.
This would be great!

I think releasing and maintaining
something similar would not be a big work, but would make ZODB/ZEO at
much higher rank among the ODBMSs.
Do you volunteer to take work on this issue?
I would be happy. Just somebody should help me a lot at the first time.
E.g. I do not know how to create a python package. I was not able to find the 'ZCatalog' in my Zope source. I do not know Zope or ZODB internals, etc.

I am not a programmer. This is the source of all my problems. I just did not have the patient (and knowledge) to learn to develop zope applications. But I want to stick with Python and I need a transparent (object) database for my objects. ZODB is very promising. But without querying possibility... Without a maintained querying possibility...

Take everything together, I would be very happy to maintain, but I would need help (let say, I would be very proud to be involved in a serious, real world project :-) ).


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