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I am not a programmer. This is the source of all my problems. I just did
not have the patient (and knowledge) to learn to develop zope
applications. But I want to stick with Python and I need a transparent
(object) database for my objects. ZODB is very promising. But without
querying possibility... Without a maintained querying possibility...

Most ppl use the ZODB together with Zope. So likely all related resources
are focused on Zope issues. I agree that it might be of interest to support
the ZODB and the ZCatalog outside Zope but as Zope core developer I have personally no time for such projects and little interests. So the basic approach to get this done it to either work on the issue on your own or pay someone...this is just a question of developer resources and priorities.
From the Zope point of view I consider this issue as an issue of lowest


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