Tamas Hegedus wrote at 2006-1-4 14:38 -0500:
>You have released the ZODB/ZEO as a stand alone package. But there is no 
>stand alone searching possibility. Why? This just does not make any sense.
>Yous suggested and I tried Kevin Dangoor's stand alone ZCatalog. It uses 
>the Zope source just remove the zope dependences, etc (some type of 
>hack). But it is not maintained. I think releasing and maintaining 
>something similar would not be a big work, but would make ZODB/ZEO at 
>much higher rank among the ODBMSs. People would start to build projects 
>on them...

There is also a stand-alone querying solution.
I think, its name is "IndexedCatalog". Search the list archives, to
locate it.

For more information about ZODB, see the ZODB Wiki:

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