On 1/9/06, Andreas Jung <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> I've never had the need to use them.

No, but other people do.

> That's different from not wanting to
> use them. The more choice you have, the more trouble you have. I agree that
> a TRACE level might be of interest. But BLATHER and PROBLEM is competely
> overhead from my point of view - in fact I can't explain when to use
> BLATHER or TRACE compared to DEBUG.

But I can, and so can Florent.

"PROBLEM" I agree about. I have never heard that one before, and I
don't see why you can't use ERROR or WARNING.

ERROR: Something didn't work.
WARNING: There is something fishy here, I'm guessing how it should be handled.
INFO: Nothing is wrong, but this is important. (For example Zope
server ready to handle requests).
VERBOSE: Nothing is wrong and this may be important. (For example the
info saying what IP-adress and port the zope server is started on.)
DEBUG: For debug information.
TRACE: I need to have a lot of information now!

I find all this fairly self-evident and highly useful, and se
absolutely zero reason for removing them, when they are so useful.
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