Sidnei da Silva wrote:
Every now and then I face a corruption of the persistent zeo cache,
but this is the first time I get this variant.

The cause is very likely to be a forced shutdown of the box this zope
instance was running on, but I thought it would be nice to report the

Here's the traceback::

File "/home/sidnei/src/zope/28five/lib/python/ZEO/",
line 314, in __init__
File "/home/sidnei/src/zope/28five/lib/python/ZEO/", line
112, in open    self.fc.scan(self.install)
File "/home/sidnei/src/zope/28five/lib/python/ZEO/", line
835, in scan    install(self.f, ent)
File "/home/sidnei/src/zope/28five/lib/python/ZEO/", line
121, in install
  o = Object.fromFile(f, ent.key, skip_data=True)
File "/home/sidnei/src/zope/28five/lib/python/ZEO/", line
630, in fromFile
  raise ValueError("corrupted record, oid")
ValueError: corrupted record, oid

I have a copy of the zeo cache file if anyone is interested.

What is bad about this problem is that it prevented Zope from starting
and there is no obvious clue that removing the persistent zeo cache
would cure it, though that's what anyone that has a clue about what
he's doing would do *wink*.

It sounds like there should be logic in that code to abandon the
cache if a problem is found, much as we abandon file-storage index files
if anything seems suspicious.

It seems as though persistent caches haven't been a very sucessful feature.
Perhaps we should abandon them.


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