[Tamas Hegedus]
> There is a missing entry point for the mkzeoinst.py script in
> ZODB3-3.5.1:
> if __name__=="__main__":
>      main()

Nope.  There are two files named mkzeoinst.py in 3.5.1.  You're probably
looking at the module of that name, ZEO/mkzeoinst.py.  It's not intended
that you run that directly.  It is intended that you run
scripts/mkzeoinst.py directly.

Here from the ZODB NEWS file for 3.5.1:

- (3.5.1b1) The ``mkzeoinst`` module was re-added to ZEO, because Zope3
  has a script that expects to import it from there.  ZODB's ``mkzeoinst``
  script was rewritten to invoke the ``mkzeoinst`` module.

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