Mailman disabled three subscriptions to zodb-dev today, due to SORBS
blacklisting of  if your mail host keeps rejecting messages,
Mailman disables your subscription.

I doubt (but don't know) that anyone at Zope Corp is going to volunteer to
try to get delisted (SORBS makes this difficult).  If that's
so, and your mail host uses SORBS, you may wish to subscribe using a
different address.

If anyone wants to try to wrestle with SORBS over this, here's a typical
bounce message from a mail host rejecting zodb-dev messages:

 Client host [] blocked using; Spam Received
 (in reply to RCPT TO command)

Following up on that URL only reveals that SORBS believes they got one piece
of spam from, last Thursday.  They won't let you see the
message in question, or at least not without jumping through more hoops.

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