I have a productional Linux web server with a Python/Zope/Plone.
Now I'd like to install a non-Zope Python/ZODB application on
the same server. What is the recommended way of doing that?

Option 1:
Install ZODB in the Python installation in the usual way. Should
I expect problems when I install and run zope with that Python

Option 2:
Do not install ZODB in the Python installation. Install Zope in
the usual way. Add Zope's ZODB modules to the application's
PYTHONPATH. But this may cause upgrade/compatibility problems
with the application when Zope and the ZODB in it are upgraded.

Option 3:
Use separate Python installations for Zope and the application.
Install ZODB in the application's Python installation, not in

Option 4:

I'm using:
- Python 2.3.5
- ZODB 3.2.10 (same as in Zope 2.7.8)
- Zope 2.7.8
- Plone 2.1.1
... all built from source on Debian Woody.

I apologize for putting this noise on the dev-list, but
comp.lang.python didn't answer and I didn't know where else to
ask. Thank you very much in advance.

Rene Pijlman
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