Mihai Ilinca wrote at 2006-1-30 20:11 +0200:
> ...
>I want to have a ClientStorage that would work in both connected and 
>disconnected (to zeo-server) mode. When zeo-server is not up (or reachable), 
>I would like ClientStorage to use a local cache. Is that possible with ZEO?
>Right now I instanciate ClientStorage with 
>                                zeoServerAddress,
>                                name = 'name',
>                                client = 'client',
>                                var = 'path',
>                                wait = False
>       )
>When I try to access the attributes of the root persistent object (instance of 
>PersistentMapping) I get a ClientDisconnected exception:

In principle, it should be possible (though I did not try it myself).

  Of course, as soon as you modify any object or have a cache
  miss on reading, the ZEO server will be contacted
  and you get a "ClientDisconnect" when this is impossible.

  "ClientStorage" does not support complete autonomous work
  (purly with a cache). All writes need to go directly to ZEO.

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