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Long time no "see" ;-)

Toby Dickenson wrote:
On Tuesday 31 January 2006 11:41, Chris Withers wrote:
Tim Peters wrote:
 ...base ZODB cache targets on aggregate pickle size
All good, but still never gonna happen, right? *wry grinz*

Sounds like a reasonable evening project (Ive no chance for ZODB fun in the day job any more), but Im sure it wont ever be the *most* interesting option without some sponsorship. Chris, do you have a real business requirement, or is this just an idle wish?

Sadly, for me, not a real business requirement... I know how the cache works and so can make allowances.

For newbies, it does make death-by-swap an all too common phenomenon if they don't see the connection between object size and memory used by the cache...

How much work in terms of days/money do you reckon it would take?



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