Goemans, M.C.M.:
>The EU Database Directive has been put in place to protect makers/ producers 
>large amounts of data, BUT - in my opinion - at the time of conception did not 
>take more advanced database technologies into account. 

I'd be surprised. Such directives and Dutch laws are usually
quite technology independent these days, are they not?

>I have various arguments to back this opinion and I am looking for people that 
>are skilled in zodb's innerworkings 

Again, I'd be surprised when you really need knowledge of ZODB's
internals to evaluate a legal issue. Programmers don't even need
that knowledge to persist their data.

>and are interested in answering some questions I have concerning the 
>translation of some of zodb's technical restrictions in a legal 
>roadmap for zodb makers.

Translating technical restrictions to a legal roadmap... what
does that mean?

>Is this the right forum to drop these questions?

Perhaps you can be somewhat more specific and give some examples
of questions you have. If it's about application programming
instead of ZODB's internals, you may be better off in

And for legal questions I recommend news:nl.juridisch :-)

Rene Pijlman
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