Antonio Beamud Montero wrote:
Where Status is a Persistent Class, with an OOBTree attribute called
_dict, and serveral methods wrapping this _dict, like add, remove, etc..

OOBTree's have conflict resolution code which will try and do the right thing instead of raising a ConflictError...

When several threads try to add to a the 'completed' dict, a conflict
error arises,

Well, yes, what did you expect?

but if I use distinct keys...

Then what? I'd guess the OOBTree conflict resolution code helps you out here :-)

why happens? Can be by using
the Status class around dict?

Sorry, can't understand any of that...

A persistent object (inerith from Persistent) has a simple way to force
a sync()?

No, look at the "transaction" package for what you want to be doing here...



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