Chris McDonough wrote:
On Mar 3, 2006, at 11:46 AM, Jeremy Hylton wrote:

Go go!

I don't understand the eggs philosophy.  (I succeeded in missing the
eggs talk twice at PyCon.)  I don't think any of the pieces of ZODB
are very useful in isolation.  You can't use persistent without
transaction, and there isn't much that uses transaction other than
ZODB.  Same with BTrees, you can't use them without ZODB and they're
probably the most useful data structure in ZODB.

I think you put "transaction" in a separate package because it was meant to be useful independent of ZODB. There's no actual code in persistent that depends on transaction save for the tests (although I couldn't imagine using persistent without transaction, is there ever a case?). Maybe the right packaging division is "transaction", "ZConfig", and "everything else"?

Eventually, these packages should be untangled and packaged separately.
But that's more work than we want to do now.  I do think that persistent
will someday be useful outside of ZODB.  In which case, so would BTrees.


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