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Tim Peters wrote:
[Chris Withers]
Is it just me or does write a transaction to the end of Data.fs
containing a MinPO object?

"""Make sure a ZEO server is running.

usage: [options]

The test will connect to a ZEO server, load the root object, and attempt to
update the zeoup counter in the root.  It will report success if it updates
the counter or if it gets a ConflictError.  A ConflictError is considered a
success, because the client was able to start a transaction.


    -p port -- port to connect to

    -h host -- host to connect to (default is current host)

    -S storage -- storage name (default '1')

    -U path -- Unix-domain socket to connect to

    --nowrite -- Do not update the zeoup counter.

    -1 -- Connect to a ZEO 1.0 server.

You must specify either -p and -h or -U.

IOW, zeoup's _purpose_ is to try to commit a transaction.  I'm not
sure why the --nowrite option exists -- it still tries to commit a
transaction then, but opens the connection in read-only mode, so can't

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