We found a solution ourselves (rather: Anton found a way to delete the

We did like this:

 >>> billeder._delObject('image.2006-03-19.5540330656')
 >>> get_transaction().commit()

That eliminated the image

/Stoons @ Headnet ApS

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Subject: Re: [ZODB-Dev] Mindnumbing POSkeyError

>Of cause I have tried to del / manage_delObjects it, but both times
>ZODB.POSException.POSKeyError: 0x06f21b was returned in both cases
>I ran the following:
>o = app['kristendom']['medier']['billeder']['image.2006-03-19.5540330656']
>r m in dir(o):
>    try:
>        print getattr(o,m)
>    except:
>        pass
>and it returned:
><bound method Acquirer.(?) of <Image at 0x42754dd0>>
><CMethod object at 0x40decd00>
>It seems that it is an "empty transition"
>Can somebody please help..?

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