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Christian Theune wrote:


we are using Zope 3 generations to update ZODBs. Sometimes the default
tools that traverse the object tree are not covering all bases.

I opened access to the FileStorage index of OIDs so we can iterate over
those. (We are ignoring exceptions about POSKeyErrors at one point
because we are likely doing something wrong there.)

As the actual code is in an internal repository I have attached the
relevant code in this mail to let you get an impression on this.

However, this is not compatible to ZEO installations. Do you think it
would be useful to implement a way of iterating over all objects on any

Absolutely. That has been the plan all along.

The api in FileStorage was just a beginning step toward this.

Hmm. Sorry, but could you point out where the API is defined? I might
not have looked hard enough. I only found internals to exploit. :(

I wish I could.  I'm almost certain that Chris McDonough implemented
one at PyCon 2005 and that Stephan Richter made use of this, but
I can't find it.

I would like to have this.  I can't find a proposal for it, so I
guess we should start with that,  I'll note that I'd like to have an
interface like:


     Returns an iterable of object ids whose dotted class names
     (module_name.class_name) match the given glob.


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