Hi Jim. My experience has been in running a single selectreactor in an app together with its own main loop.

I found a patch on google to allow multiple selectreactors but have not seen the patch applied to svn or attempted the change in twisted as yet. I have emailed the maintainer to ask about it. I was looking at the zeo server service first which should be happy to run on its own. There is no risk at this stage to experiment with my ideas other than learning more than I did before about twisted and ZEO.


Jim Fulton wrote:
David Pratt wrote:
Is there is any strong opposition to using the twistd daemon for a twisted zeo service?

I am strongly against linking ZEO to an application's main loop.

If twisted supports using multiple independent main loops, then it would
be an option.

Then the possible issues are:

- Whether we want Twisted to be a dependency of ZEO

- Performance

Switching to twisted would be a big change.  If I was to make such a
change, which I anticipate, it would be great if twised could be an


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