Michael Havard wrote:
We're missing 16 days worth of content.

Python 2.3.5, Zope 2.8.4, Plone 2.1.2, and a host of other products. ZEO
configuration. Persistent disk caching is on.

Yesterday everything was fine. All the content was there and accessible.
Today I try to log in and the server doesn't respond. I go out and restart
the zope client, still no response. I restart the zeo server and the site
delivers content. Problem! The content is from two weeks ago. All of the
content from the last 16 days is missing. Thinking maybe someone restored
from an older backup I went out to our daily backups and pulled the previous
days data.fs backup. A restore didn't work. It still shows the outdated
content. I went out to look at the backups again and noticed that the date
on the data.fs was 4/14 while the date on data.fs.tmp was 4/26. data.fs.tmp
is a 9 meg file.

If I had to guess, I would guess that, at some point, someone removed
Data.fs and restored it from backup without restarting the process.
If that happened, the process would still be writing to the removed
database.  That's just a wild guess.  I wonder if the Data.fs file matches
a backup made on the 14th.

Is the missing content somehow captured in data.fs.tmp or is it somewhere
else that I can retrieve it?



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