David Pratt wrote:
Hi Jim and Roderigo! This is encouraging news. I have been putting much thought into this also. There is a downside to refactoring ZEO in that there are many folks heavily dependent on it and also reasonably happy with it.

The refactoring we are talking about won't effect them directly.  It
will change the internal implementation.  The only effect might be
to make it easier to provide new features in the future.


On the notion of multiple independent loops for twisted, I believe there are possibilities, some interested folks, and a patch I found that could be evaluated. The work would be murky as Glyph has pointed out - but he has offered to review tests for this as well.

Cool. Historical note: I had to modify asyncore to allow it to have
minimal support for multiple loops.

To repeat what I said in an earlier thread, I want the refactoring
to allow Tisted's use without requiring it.


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