On Fri, May 05, 2006 at 07:25:50AM -0400, Jim Fulton wrote:
| >IMHO there is no downside. People would be "heavily dependent" if  they 
| >e.g. had programs directly interacting with ZEO internals, or  
| >subclassing ZEO components. I would bet the number of people who are  in 
| >that position can be counted on two hands.
| Or maybe flippers. ;)
| > What everyone does is  *use*
| >ZEO, and maybe script it a little bit.
| And the scripting is external use too.
| > If the internals change  it
| >doesn't matter much, as long as the package as a whole fulfills  the 
| >same need that the current ZEO software does.
| It shouldn't matter at all, except to provide new opportunities for the
| future.

Oh, if I'm allowed to speak *wink*, it would be great if in this
refactoring 'zrpc' could be made to work with less dependencies. 

I'm using 'zrpc' on a project and it was a pain to implement a
minimally working application because it depended on a few convoluted
steps to setup, some of which could be trivially removed.

One way or another, I think Jim's refactoring would simplify this,
even if it's not a explicitly stated goal.

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