I've been thinking about various ways to clean up ZODB.

For a while I've threatened to get rid of versions.  I've been
convinced by various arguments by various people that it is
less work to keep them, at least for the foreseeable future.
This is because there are certain limited legitimate use cases
that they satisfy.

I wish, however, to try to limit their impact on the rest of
ZODB.  I intend to continue a recent trend of reducing their
impact on the ZODB and ZEO code by providing a low quality of
service for them.  For example, ZEO client storages don't bother
to cache version data.  I just did a quick scan of the DB and
Connection code and see opportunities like eliminating the
modified-in-version cache, eliminating version-aware object-cache
policies and possibly eliminating connection pools for version data.


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