Toby Dickenson wrote:
On Sunday 14 May 2006 21:52, Jim Fulton wrote:

Toby, this is almost certainly a question for you. :)

Can someone explain to me why getExtensionMethods is needed in the
storage API? It's not used by anything in ZODB.

ZEO proxies the standard storage API.


The original requirement is for ZEO to support storages which expose extended functionality via an extended API. DirectoryStorage uses this to allow control of its snapshot mode.

I'm willing to be convinced that we need this, but without specific
arguments, I'm inclined to call YAGNI.

I'm incluned to remove it,

It would be mildly disappointing if there was no way of accessing an extended storage API over ZEO.

This is not exactly a ringing endorsement for something that you invented
and are the only one using.

Generality for it's own sake is not a convincing argument to me anymore.

> However I have no concerns about seeing
getExtensionMethods replaced with some alternative mechanism (possibly more complex for the consumer(s) of this extended API, if that makes it more sustainable within ZEO)

First proposed here...

All this says is that you want this, but it doesn't say why.

Given that this has been around for a while, could you describe
how you've used it? Are you aware of anyone else who has?

Perhaps, it would be better to expand the storage API. I dunno.

I am concerned about a feature that no one but you uses, has effectively
no tests, and doesn't seem to be maintained.

Over the next few months I hope to put in a lot of time trying to clean up
ZODB.  Part of this effort will be cleaning out things that aren't needed
and giving what remains decent documentation and tests.

BTW, despite the number of excruciating ZEO tests, your's is not the only
untested feature.  On some level, I can sympathize with not writing tests
for ZEO features, as it's just so painful to do so.  I hope to fix this
over the next few months,


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