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Pedro Werneck wrote at 2006-5-25 21:33 -0300:
> ...
>> You see modifications only after crossing a transaction boundary.
>> In the same transaction, you see only the modification made by
>> this transaction (not by others, even committed).
>OK... so, how can I get the changes made by the threads ? Everything
>here is very inconsistent and I still trying to figure what's wrong.

You use at least ZODB 3.2 and ensure transaction boundaries,
e.g. by calling "transaction.commit()" or "transaction.abort()".

> ...
>Yes, I'm using PersistentList, but in fact, I never do small changes on
>it. Everytime I do some change, I have to clear the whole list and add
>new data. Is there a better structure for this ? 

If you do this, then (of course) you need to write the complete list.

If this lets your storage grow too fast, then probably the ZODB
is not the right storage medium for you -- or you dig up the BDB storage.
It is still somewhere in the SVN/CVS reporitories.

For more information about ZODB, see the ZODB Wiki:

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