On Wednesday 07 June 2006 15:53, you wrote:
> You are missing Zope init/configuration (which initialize all Zope Products
> and python paths to them).
> I use this minimal script:
> import sys
> zope_home='/opt/pperegri/builds/F2.12/opt/Zope-2.8.6-final'
> instance_home='/opt/pperegri/builds/F2.12/instances/zope_rw'
> sys.path.append('%s/lib/python'%zope_home)
> import Zope2
> Zope2.configure('%s/etc/zcmd.conf'%instance_home)
> app=Zope2.app()
> The zcmd.conf file is a copy of my zope.conf where I remove all the
> zservers and also, as you are using zeo, you need to use a different client
> name in the <zeo> section to make sure the cache file is different.

Thanks, Pascal, your solution worked great.  Dieter's response to my query 
solved my immediate problem and your's got me to where I wanted to be.
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