Is it ok if I add the following comments to Connection's docstring? Are there inaccuracies?

    - _cache is a PickeCache, a cache which can ghostify objects not
      recently used. Its API is roughly that of a dict, with additional
      gc-related and invalidation-related methods.

    - _added is a dict of oid->obj added explicitely through add().
      _added is used as a sort of preliminary cache until commit time
      where objects are all moved to the real _cache. The object are
      moved to _creating at commit time.

    - _registered_objects is the list of objects registered by
      Persistence when the object was first changed, or by add(). It
also contains objects who ended up in a ReadConflictError, just to
      be able to clean them up from the cache on abort with the other
modified objects. All objects of this list are either in _cache or
      in _added.

During commit, all these objects go to either _modified or _creating:

    - _creating is a dict of oid->flag of new objects (without serial),
      either added by add() or implicitely added (discovered by the
      serializer during commit). The flag is True for implicit adding.
      _creating is used during abort to remove created objects from the
      _cache, and by persistent_id to check that a new object isn't
      reachable from multiple databases.

- _modified is a list of oids modified, which have to be invalidated
      in the cache on abort and in other connections on finish.


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