Eino Mäkitalo wrote at 2006-6-22 13:06 +0300:
>What is the best document about ZODB internals?

Questions with respect to "the best" are always very difficult...

>I can and will read code but are there any good documentation to 
>understand ideas why it's implemented that way.

There are the UML-diagrams for the ZODB, a tutorial and
Tim's details about "FileStorage".

Please, do not ask me where to find them. I forgot (and will not search
for you).

I have not seen a documentation explaining why it is as it is.

>My goal is to be able to play and implement a new storage

Implementing a storage should not be difficult (and does
not require deep ZODB knowledge).

It essentially is a map of oids (8 byte strings, locally unique)
to opaque data. Derive from "BaseStorage" and override
methods as necessary.

>but also to 
>understand ZODB at bit-level.

That's a bit more complex.

I might help should you have concrete questions.

For more information about ZODB, see the ZODB Wiki:

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