Hi there,

I know it is not easy, but I need some advices to keep our bosses
happy at the planning stage of our application.

The application we are planning is a document management application
which follows documents in a company. Document and version count could
be around 10000s, quite frequent writes are possible so concurrency
might be an issue. Document files might be stored as BLOBs or
separately on a files system to relieve ZODB.

Some fears they are having and I can't find unambiguous information:
- Is ZODB a good choice for this app? Which storage to consider?
Filestorage? maybe PGStorage?
- ACID properties. Is it really ACID, I mean data consistency level
could be compared to a RDB? Here we do not have any experience and the
application should be a real good one.
- Coming from the RDB world, what are our current choices to provide a
referential integrity like service on top of ZODB?
Currently we have schooltool.relations in sight.

Thanks a lot

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