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Hi there,

I know it is not easy, but I need some advices to keep our bosses
happy at the planning stage of our application.

The application we are planning is a document management application
which follows documents in a company. Document and version count could
be around 10000s,

10000s per document?

quite frequent writes are possible so concurrency
might be an issue. Document files might be stored as BLOBs or
separately on a files system to relieve ZODB.

Some fears they are having and I can't find unambiguous information:
- Is ZODB a good choice for this app? Which storage to consider?

We run a CMS with several ZEO storages using FileStorage with up 300k different objects per storage.

maybe PGStorage?
- ACID properties. Is it really ACID, I mean data consistency level
could be compared to a RDB?

What do you mean? The ZODB is transactional and other systems (RBDMS) can be hooked with the transaction system of Zope...this is daily practice.

Here we do not have any experience and the
application should be a real good one.

- Coming from the RDB world, what are our current choices to provide a
referential integrity like service on top of ZODB?

See above


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