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AJ> We run a CMS with several ZEO storages using FileStorage with up 300k
AJ> different objects per storage.

May you mention some or some sites on the internet that run Zope/ZODB
to have some examples?

Since ZODB is the default storage of Zope, every Zope site on the net *uses*
the ZODB.

maybe PGStorage?
- ACID properties. Is it really ACID, I mean data consistency level
could be compared to a RDB?

AJ> What do you mean? The ZODB is transactional and other systems (RBDMS)
can AJ> be hooked with the transaction system of Zope...this is daily

My problem is that I'm quite confident that ZODB may be able to handle
the application, but I have to convince some other people too. They are
coming with a strong RDB background. I would appreciate some facts to
hit them hard.

Both RDBMS and ZODB have their pros and cons. It really depends on your individual usecase..also hybrid solutions using ZODB and a RDBMS are daily practice. If your data is highly relational then go for a RDBMS solution on top of Zope, if you data is more hierarchical or loosely coupled, think about the ZODB. The ZODB is not a good choice for storing and serving large amounts of binary data (files).....you must make the decision on a per-case basis...


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