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Andreas Jung wrote at 2006-6-24 09:24 +0200:
One particular app that I have been working on uses very complex queries
with lots of join etc....it would be hard model to implement such
queries  on top of the ZODB/ZCatalog.

I disagree with you (partially).

   The ZODB model (object data stored in a storage with behaviour
   coded in the clients) is powerful enough to simply
   implement the relational database data structures: tables
   and indexes and their corresponding operations.

   After this implementation, you could perform the same
   complex queries against the records maintained in
   these data structures.

Of course you *could* do it but you can also shot yourself with a gun into your knee. You could also implement Zope on top of a touring machine ....
but nobody would do that :-)

Another point is performance: this app often
has to perform a lot of insert/update/delete operations within one
transaction (up to 1000 modifications).

You would not believe how many objects your "TextIndexNG" modifies
when it indexes a single document. Thousands is not very much ;-)

Patches are welcome :-)


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