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Andreas Jung wrote at 2006-6-24 22:36 +0200:
   The ZODB model (object data stored in a storage with behaviour
   coded in the clients) is powerful enough to simply
   implement the relational database data structures: tables
   and indexes and their corresponding operations.

   After this implementation, you could perform the same
   complex queries against the records maintained in
   these data structures.

Of course you *could*  do it but you can also shot yourself with a gun
into  your knee.

But, these two things have nothing in common ;-)

Of course they have! "Normal" ppl should/would use the tools that are available and that solves their problems. You know much better than you can solve any problem with any tools/language but implementing such a functionality is likely beyond the horizon of most developers (I know you're far beyond this horizon)...so I talking usually about the average programmer/developer.

And in fact, I plan to do the former in some future times
(but doubt that I will ever shoot myself into my knee).

I doubt that you have a gun :-)


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