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Robert Gravina wrote:
I've been having trouble getting the object ID of persisted objects in the ZODB. I have read that the _p_oid attribute is supposed to contain this, but when I access persisted objects from a filestore and check this value it always seems to be None. Also, is there any way to get an object ID *before* an object has been persisted?

You can call container._p_jar.add(yourobject) to have it get an oid before commit time.

Thankyou! I will try that soon. I just tried loading a persisted object interactively and noticed that although the _p_oid doesn't print out as anything (and hence I always thought it was empty in my debugging prints), it isn't actually None! Can anyone explain this? (here "p" is my persisted object)

>>> p._p_oid
>>> print p._p_oid
>>> p._p_oid is None



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