[John S. Bellendir]
We are running Indico and using zodb. Users are receiving random errors like
the one below, any idea why this is happening?

I don't know what Indico is, but almost all the software in your
traceback is under a "MaKaC" subdirectory and isn't part of ZODB.  The
ZODB message seems plain enough:

exception message => Shouldn't load state for 0x0241c8 when the connection
is closed
exception type => ZODB.POSException.ConnectionStateError

So it looks like the Indico software is trying to load objects from a
ZODB database when no connection to the database is open.  That would
be an error in the way Inidico is trying to use ZODB, so someone
familiar with Indico will need to sort it out.
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