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>> The reason why I'm doing this is because I'm trying to update the
>> classes of persistent objects loaded into memory.

Want to elaborate on this a bit?  It sounds like stuff other folks
have done, but you might want to give more detail.

When a file containing source code is modified, I want to reload it
using Python's reload() function, then update classes with the new
definitions. I have application-level logic to ensure the objects are
in a sane-state during update. The only problem I'm having is when I
close the connection after an update, I get ConnectionStateError,
"Cannot close a connection joined to a transaction". Setting
conn._needs_to_join = True appears to fix this, but it's too much of a
hack and I have to test it further.

There was similar discussion regarding the "reloading product" over a
year ago, but this functionality is specific to Zope, which I'm not
using. Also, it seems unmaintained and unreliable, and my have been

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