On Jul 31, 2006, at 3:55 PM, Jim Fulton wrote:

On May 31, 2006, at 4:03 AM, Chris Withers wrote:

Hi All,

I mentioned this before:

File "C:\Zope\2.9.2\lib\python\ZEO\cache.py", line 151, in setLastTid
  File "C:\Zope\2.9.2\lib\python\ZEO\cache.py", line 1060, in settid
    raise ValueError("new last tid (%s) must be greater than "
ValueError: new last tid (244828509247418982) must be greater than previous one (244828509247418982)

I see this intermittently...

Hey Chris,

I have a few questions for you wrt this.  When you see this:

- Are there multiple ZEO clients involved?

- If you shutdown the server and client and restart them, does the
  problem persist?

I'll note that I have been able to provoke the error message, but, for me at least, the result was non-fatal. The error occurs during cache verification and causes the connection to fail. The connection thread keeps running and tries again. The error, as provoked by me, arises from a race condition in a situation in which one client is connecting while other clients are writing. Unless other clients are writing furiously, I don't see why this would prevent a client from connecting eventually. This makes me wonder if, perhaps, I'm not seeing the same error that you are reporting. OTOH, I haven't been able to think of another situation in which this symptom could occur.

If you are seeing this error a lot, I suggest setting invalidation- queue-size to 1 on your storage server (and restarting of course). It would be interesting to know if this setting makes the error go away.

I'd like to get some more info on this to try to chase it down.

I'm taking a few days off.  I'll look for you on IRC when I get back.


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